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Lee Pulos – The Power of Visualization

Name Product: Lee Pulos – The Power of Visualization
Market price: $57.95
Author: Lee Pulos
Home sale:

SEEING IS ACHIEVING – The world’s foremost producer of personal development and motivational programs
now introduces one of the most powerful tools for achievement you have ever used. Visualization has
helped millions of successful people achieve their goals. It can help you identify and obliterate the
roadblock to progress, making your path to success so real that you can almost feel it, hear it, and
smell it, as well as see it in the mind’s eye. And now, this breakthrough program offers an easy-to-
training system that will enable you to put this tool to work for you wherever there are personal
challenges to be met. Acclaimed psychologist Lee Pulos, Ph.D., demonstrates and explains this amazing
technology for personal change, and tells you how to:

Utilize the six types of visualization
Discover the power of “image streaming”
Boost your energy
Increase your capacity for self-healing
Raise your self-esteem
Create a spiral of success in your Life
Learn “The Power of Visualization” – see your own success today.

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Adrian Niculescu – Linked Marketing Academy

Name Product: : Adrian Niculescu – Linked Marketing Academy
Market price: $97
Author: Adrian Niculescu
Home sale:

Discover how to get more clients, command the premium prices that you deserve and design your business and life the way you want without hard work and without spending a dollar in ads
Best part: In less than 20 minutes a day I’ll teach you how to use Linkedin to get 30 leads in the next 7 days and how to turn at least one of those leads into A high paying client…
Get high paying clients in 20 minutes a day

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Peter Diamandis – SUCCESS Academy – Xponential Advantage

Peter Diamandis – SUCCESS Academy – Xponential Advantage

Name Product: Peter Diamandis – SUCCESS Academy – Xponential Advantage
Market price: $795
Author: Peter Diamandis
Home sale:

Your Playbook For Going Big, Creating Wealth, And Impacting The World.

Join Peter Diamandis, Embrace The Power of Exponential Thinking, And Create Your Ideal Future
The rules of success are changing faster than ever before!
We’re living in a fully globalized, interconnected world that’s evolving at breakneck speed.
What happened 20,000 miles away, just moments ago, changed everything from your retirement portfolio and your company, to the cost of the meal you’ll eat on Friday night. And that’s not all…
By the time you’re awake tomorrow, a new transformative technology will emerge and another bold, visionary entrepreneur will leverage it to build a new company or organization that will disrupt the status-quo and affect real change in the world.
In this period of epic disruption, no industry is safe, sacred, or sheltered from change.
Join Us! As One of Just 500 Xponential Advantage Charter Members, You Won’t Just Predict The Future Of Your Industry –
You’ll Create It!

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8 Step-by-Step Learning Modules
Help You Refine Your Ideas, Embrace Your Passion, And Turn Your Purpose Into Profitable Reality.
Maximizing Your Xponential Advantage
Join Peter and learn how you’ll leverage the power of this course, mastering the mindset of an exponential entrepreneur so you can turn your bold, passionate ideas into profit.
You’ll discover…
How to utilize Peter’s Exponential Entrepreneur Scorecard to accurately gauge your efforts and guarantee you’re always moving forward with measurable progress…
The fastest path to become a leader in your industry by leveraging exponential growth and abandoning old-ways of linear thinking…
One mindset you’ve been missing (it’s also the key to making this course work) and why this may very well be your chance to capitalize on the wave of exponential change sweeping our world…
This introduction helps you learn how to maximize and apply all of the advice Peter is about to share. Immediately following this introductory course plan, you’ll take your first steps toward building a life and business of abundant emotional and financial wealth.

Module #1
Introduction to Exponentials
We’re living in a world where truly anyone can take a problem they are passionate about and solve it. During this series of video lessons, audio guides, and step-by-step exercises you’ll develop the Xponential Roadmap you’ll use to turn your passion into reality.
You’ll engage with Peter and learn…
How to build your Xponential Roadmap, paving a path for your future based around the power of exponential growth…
Why you’ll be ready to capitalize on “The New Kodak Moment” while others in your industry simply watch this unprecedented opportunity pass them by…
“6 D’s to Change the World” – Swipe and apply the same 6 steps Peter developed and today’s most successful passion-driven entrepreneurs are already using to transform the world…
The most effective way to create and read your Xponential Roadmap. After this lesson, you’ll understand how to successfully plan (and possibly predict with astonishing accuracy) your future…
Ins-and-Outs of Xponential Conversations—Do you know how to discuss Exponential Thinking with your peers, your team, and even your customers? This guided exercise alone is invaluable to entrepreneurs in nearly every industry (PLUS – it’s applied to every module of the course to maximize your understanding)…

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself, and during this introductory module you’ll be able to define exactly how you’ll apply each lesson included in this course to your life, career, business, and more.

Module #2
Evidence for Abundance
Your biggest ambitions are far from unachievable dreams. During this module, you’ll review the concrete, well-documented proof that abundance is possible when you look in the right places.
You’ll study…
Why we love bad news and the hidden “early warning system” your brain uses to tell you to stop and pay attention to the first sign of trouble instead of moving forward (break this cognitive bias and you can, and will, achieve anything)…
Peter’s personal Negativity Playbook and how you’ll use it to overcome the negative state of mind standing between you and success…
The overwhelming evidence for abundance including dozens of concrete, researched, and 100% proven reasons why scarcity of ideas, resources, capital, and much more are things you no longer have to worry about…
Where humanity is heading, why the future is much brighter than it looks, and the rapidly closing window of opportunity you can embrace to join in the creation of abundance…

During this module, you’ll learn exactly why Peter always teaches that “the best way to become a billionaire is to solve a billion-person problem”—and why abundance makes it possible for anyone to do it.

Module #3
Exponential Technologies – Part 1
During this series of lessons, Peter will show you how to utilize existing and emerging exponential technologies to accomplish more today with just your laptop than multi-billion dollar companies of the past with all their resources could ever dream of.
You’ll learn…
How one resource—previously scarce and expensive—has transformed your prospects for growth by becoming both plentiful and free (you’re already using this technology, but are you taking advantage of its full potential?) …
The pattern (observed nearly everywhere in our world) that’s exponentially multiplying your ability to collect and analyze data to improve your chances of success.
Dozens of innovative ways you can leverage information networks, assess incoming information, and use your findings to make better decisions (from identifying problems to pinpointing the audience begging for your help, this is a key to rapid growth) …
100s of readily available ways to use technology to guarantee you’re meeting consumer demands and ensure you are always moving in the right direction…
How you’ll use artificial intelligence to identify key areas to improve, problems to solve, and find solutions faster than any of your competitors…
Prepare to use each of these interactive lessons to better understand exactly how you’ll take advantage of the radical technological changes sweeping our planet.

Module #4
Exponential Technologies – Part 2
Expand on your understanding of technology’s colossal impact, embrace, and understand the resources you finally have at your complete disposal. With further in-depth analysis, you’ll uncover the core technologies that threaten to collapse today’s largest companies, leaving a clear path for you to take advantage of.
You’ll discover…
“The 21st Century Workforce” and how to utilize the latest tech innovations to create in-demand products with 90% less cost and 90% more profit margin…
How you’ll use 3D printing to disrupt your industry (or established industries you break into), test new ideas with less cost and create resources essential for success (PLUS – Peter will discuss dozens of industries where 3D printing is primed to cause major disruption) …
Two technologies on the cusp of transforming our world (and how you can get in at the ground level)…
Advances in Genomics & Longevity – What they mean for entrepreneurs and how health technologies will reshape the modern marketplace…
During module 4, your understanding of exponential technology will come full circle as Peter exposes the core transformations responsible for reshaping our world. The massive impact technology will have in the coming months and years will open up a rich world of opportunity for entrepreneurs like you. And you’ll be ready to take advantage as a Charter Member of Xponential Advantage.

Module #5
Mindset & Moonshots
Discover not only why “attitude is the entire ball game” when it comes to success, but watch, listen, and learn as Peter shows you how to set and achieve your moonshot goals simply by changing the way you think.
You’ll learn and apply…
The principles of Abundance Mindset and why today’s entrepreneurs (and your competitors) have absolutely no chance of success unless they adopt this approach…
Peter’s MTP success multiplier, where you see it at work every day, and why it’s a core principle of the 8-step innovation process Google uses to solve problems with massive profit potential…
How to make your global impact with Moonshot Thinking. Debunk the myths and mysteries for going big, going bold, and shooting for the moon while developing the motivation you need to fuel the pursuit of your grandest ideas…
Techniques billionaires use to brainstorm new ideas, find new problems to solve, and build businesses around their findings (learn why you don’t have to be a billionaire to copy the way billionaires think) …
Historic VS. Modern Innovation – What’s always worked, what works right now, and what used to work but doesn’t anymore…
This is an advanced goalsetting and goal achievement module that will give you the mindset you need to multiply your success in almost any setting.
If you’ve ever wondered exactly what the advantage some entrepreneurs have that makes them always come out on top, this is it.

Module #6
Tapping the Crowd for Expertise, Solutions & Capital
In today’s exponential world, you can crowdsource nearly everything you need—even the ideas you’ll use to grow your company.
In this module, you’ll discover how to use the world’s most powerful resource to do most of the “heavy lifting” for you. All you’ll have to do is set Peter’s lessons into motion.
You’ll discover…
How to get the world’s best, brightest, and most talented minds to work for you for absolutely free…
Crowd sourcing the world’s most valuable resource (HINT: It’s not money) and one way you can immediately remove the biggest barrier standing between most companies and success…
We’re living at the very front end of the most creative time in history – how will you take advantage of it? Peter will show you how to accelerate creativity, finding new ideas, problems, and answers without doing any extra work (or thinking) yourself…
Why investment capital is no longer scarce no matter how much money you have in your pocket (or what your current success lineage is). Learn step-by-step how to crowdfund what you need to get ideas up and running…
Your ability to connect your passion and purpose to billions of other people is the most valuable resource you’ll ever have access to. Use the lessons in this module to embrace “the crowd” and use the help, experience, and excitement of other people to turn create success for you.

Module #7
Launching Your Vision
The greatest reward you’ll ever experience is the feeling of watching your moonshot goals become reality. During this module, you’ll take the next step toward bringing them to life.
By module 7, you’ll have an idea, vision, and problem you’re ready to solve (even if you don’t have one already) and Peter will show you how to get your vision successfully off the ground.
You’ll learn…
“The Stone Soup” Principle – How to use your passion to turn what seems impossible into reality (General George S. Patton used this principle to help win World War II) …
How to follow the example Peter and his team at Zero-G used to make the literally impossible possible. You’ll use this one principle time and again to fix what goes wrong, learn from it, and move forward…
Peter’s Laws™ explained, detailed, and analyzed so you can apply them to become more persistent, passionate, and successful…
Fundraising techniques you’ll use to engage and inspire followers willing to pour money into your projects…
If you’ve ever had trouble turning your ideas into a successful business, if you’ve experienced the excitement of a new opportunity only to find failure around every corner, or if you’re just wondering how start-ups with only passion and no capital are able to turn a grand vision into an even greater reality—this is a learning opportunity you can’t miss.

Module #8
Driving Innovation
Simply getting started isn’t enough. Once you’ve launched your vision, you need to constantly stay ahead of your competition.
You’ll discover…
The advantages and disadvantages of DIY communities as interaction drivers and new idea generation machines…
7+ ways you can drive idea exchange and create a culture of idea interaction capable of fostering creative solutions to previously unsolvable problems…
Where, when, why, and how breakthroughs will happen inside of the communities you create (all you have to do is copy Peter’s innovation blueprint) …
How to constantly keep your company, your ideas, process, problems, and more focused on the future, moving forward, and leveraging the latest exponential growth techniques in the pursuit of even bigger goals…
Module 8 contains must watch teaching segments, examples, and exercises applicable in both brand-new startups and established companies.
Fortune 500 companies often hire Peter to present the innovation drivers you’re about to learn to their employees and management. Today, you have access to the very same level of knowledge and attention Peter provides at these $25,000+ speaking engagements.

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Amy Porterfield – Courses That Convert

Amy Porterfield – Courses That Convert
Name Product: Amy Porterfield – Courses That Convert
Market price: $997
Author: Amy Porterfield
Home sale:

The Complete A-Z Project Implementation Plan for
Confidently Creating Your First Profitable Online Course

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building 5 blockbuster, high-converting courses (with over 38,000 enrolled students and $6.4 Million Dollars earned), and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.
Courses That Convert isn’t so much a training program as it is an implementation program.
Yes, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step, project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.
The end result: A 6 or 7-figure long-term ASSET ready to be deployed and profited from for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

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Recently, we’ve bought some HOT IM Courses. We’ve received many request to create group buy for these courses. You may interested them. 

Here is list:

1. Wolf Millionaire – InstaWealth Growth System + Millionaire Case Study Only for  $39.95
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2. Amy Collins’ – Library Profit System [Real Fast Library Marketing] only $39.95
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3. Mike Dillard – How to Create a 7-Figure Sales Presentation only for $59.95
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4. Jeanine Blackwell – Create 6-Figure Courses Virtual Bootcamp March 2016 only for $49.95
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5. Nikki Elledge Brown – A Course About Copy only for $59.95
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6. Brian Anderson & Syd Michael – Crowd Funding Profits only for $39.95
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7. Jeremy Miner – 7 Figure Sales Training – Elite 8 Week Sales Training Program only for $39.95
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8. Christian Mickelsen – Instant Miracle Abundance Program only for $39.95
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9. John Carlton – Simple Writing System 2.0 only for $39.95
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10. Charles Kirkland – 4X Traffic Maximizer only for $39.95
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11. Todd Brown – Entrepreneurial Planning Process Online Training & Upsell  only for $39.95
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12. Michael E. Gerber – The Course: Beyond The E-Myth only only for $29.95
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13. Justin Brooke – PC&R Team Building System only for $39.95
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14. Les Brown’s – Digital Immersion Speakers Program only $39.95
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15. Michael Zipursky – Consulting Success System 2.0 only $39.95
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16. Lance Edwards  – Apartment Home Study System 2.0 only for $69.9
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Justin Cener – T-Shirt Bootcamp (+Bonuses)

Name Product: Justin Cener – T-Shirt Bootcamp (+Bonuses)
Market price: $497
Author: Justin Cener
Home sale:

T-Shirt Bootcamp
EVERYTHING you need to succeed in the t-shirt business.

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