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Selena Soo – Influence Elite

Selena Soo – Influence Elite
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Author: Selena Soo
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Dear Hard-Working Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Make It Big…
May I be honest with you?
Because there’s something I think you need to hear…
Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.
And not everyone who takes the leap to start a business actually “makes it.”
In fact, only a very select group will ever make it to the top.
A lot of would-be entrepreneurs eventually go back to day jobs. And others keep plugging away for years, losing tremendous amounts of money or barely breaking even.
But the ones who DO make it? They get to live their dreams…and they get paid great money for work they love.
Because here’s the thing –
When YOU decided to become an entrepreneur, you had a dream of your own. Read the rest of this entry »


Mike Hardenbrook – Bulletproof Direct Buys

Mike Hardenbrook – Bulletproof Direct Buys
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Author: Mike Hardenbrook
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Here’s How You Can Pay Less For The Same Ads And Keep Your Profits To Yourself
Not a lot of people know, but you can cut out popular ad networks living on your margins and still get great results if you use direct media buys.
It’s the most oldschool method still in practice today and for good reasons.
See, Facebook, and all the other ad networks out there take their cut from your margins.
Not to mention that with ad platforms like Facebook you often end up targeting the same visitors over and over again, resulting in ad burnout. That means you end up replacing your ads often… sometimes as often as every single day, which can be a lot of work. Read the rest of this entry »

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