Ben Adkins – Authority Sponging Master Plan

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Authority Sponging Master Plan
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Author: Ben Adkins
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Ready to Take Your Lead Generation and Sales to The Next Level?
We Are Proud to Introduce You To:

What’s Inside the Immersion Course and Mastermind?
Part 1: How to Understand Your Audience Better Than Their Mom Does.
You’ll Get our Full Audience Identifier Method. This will Allow you to Break Down your Target Customer Better than You Ever Have. With this you’ll be able to understand exactly what problems your potential customers are trying to solve.
Armed with this information you’ll get more people to optin to your sales funnel and sell more products to them faster.

Part 2: Finding Elite Leading Content
You’ll Get a Behind the Scenes Look at how we find the best content on the planet to act as our “Authority Sponging” Bait. This will ensure that your Birdsong built Optin Goes Viral and People end up sharing it for you. (and… the content leads your potential customer into an eventual purchase)

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