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Bushra Azhar – Sold Out Launch


Bushra Azhar – Sold Out Launch

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Author: Bushra Azhar
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Even if you have taken a zillion other courses (& never finished any)
Even if you know you have seen & done it all (with no results)
Even if you have 2 hours a day to work on your launch (& no budget to hire a coach, mentor, designer, *insert another so called must-have* )
Even if you think the internet is a dirty messy place that only favors the BIG GUNS (& you are decidedly NOT a big gun or ANY gun)

Consumer Psychology + 80:20 Launch Rule + Behavioral Leverage = Sold Out Launch

  • This is How Sold Out Launch Works….
    Consumer Psychology
    Knowing exactly what makes people buy and not tip-toe around your buyers for months building an email list, giving value & not making money. The idea is to ditch the advice of creating a list of subscribers and instead create a list of buyers from the get-go. More than 20% of my own email list are buyers and this is exactly what I preach in SOL..because guess what? We want people to see you as a book shopped not a library where they can get free information and never open their wallet EVER.
  • 80:20 Launch Rule
    Using the shortest most effective path to launching so that you don’t spend hours (weeks, months…even years) planning, wondering & losing your mind. Instead you can just use this plug and play system with the tech, graphics, email, social media posts, sales page templates heck even your ads..and just transplant it in your launch. No thinking, wondering, second-guessing yourself, no needing to invest 10 grand for a coach, custom website or mastermind. Just trusting the system, taking actions that GET results and making lots ofmoney…all in one full swoop
  • Behavioral Leverage
    My unique and kinda lunatic Systematic Stalking Initiative coupled with SOL Hall of Fame tactic that allowed 41% of SOL graduates to get their programs up and running in less than 4 months. I don’t know of any online program (heck even COACHING program) that promises such results. As one SOLer described it “It was like you were running after me urging me to get to the finish line, sometimes lovingly, sometimes fiercely..but always there” THAT is behavioral leverage and THAT is what gets people to launch and sell out in 35 days

This is NOT a Drill. Sold Out Launch Works…and it Gets Sales
every single thing you need to hack your buyer’s brain, create no-proof offers that sell themselves & get you sold out in 90 days
I am Bushra and I am not a hot shot (but I play that on the internet)
I have worked on 25+ online launches and about a dozen offline launches of big name brands and after the first dozen, I developed a loose system of LAUNCHING that matches the launch with the psychology of the buyer. It has served me and my clients REALLY well.

I have made $2M+ dollars in less than 3 years working mostly part time and no, I have not made this money doing launches telling people how to do launches. Here are some other results:

1. Worked with 7,000+ people
2. Sold 10,000+ courses
3. Wrote a book and sold 22,000 copies in 6 months without anyone else promoting me and becamse an international #1 Bestelling author in multiple categories
4. Launched my first course and sold 320 packages in 2 weeks
5. Launched my membership site and sold 400 memberships in 28 days
6. Have the distinct pleasure of selling out my courses in a couple days after launch…I don’t even know why I set a cart-close day…it’s defunct!
7. Helped my client J sell out her program in THREE days and make $22,765 on her very first launch and with an email list of 1,200 people.
8. Helped my client L sell $750K worth of programs in a month
9. Have an online course with a completion rate of 92% (vs industry average of 5%) and a success rate of 46% (vs undisclosed but probably minuscule industry percentages)

I have no time:
I am a mom of 2, wife of one and I live an expat life. Which means no support system and limited opportunities to keep the kids busy. I also cook every day. Till about a year ago I was balancing my online work with my offline consulting gig…so literally NO TIME DUDE! The techniques I teach are all about using the 80:20 rule…things don’t get any easier than the way I teach.

I have no energy:
I am incredibly lazy and prone to random Netflix binges so I am the perfect person to teach other lazyasses looking for an uncomplicated process to create, launch and SELL OUT!

I have no team:
It is possible to do this all on your own..I am a testament to that. I am a one person army and over the last 2.5 years, I have maybe outsourced 10% of my work. I have developed systems, formulas and checklists to allow me to work fast and work smart. You get access to all these when you invest in Sold Out Launch. (I now have a great team member but she came onboard after 2+ years of flying solo)

I have no contacts:
When I started I didn’t know a single soul on the internet…I started like everyone with no list (my first subscriber was “foxy5ways”…does that give you an idea of where I was) and slowly built my way to where I am…no contacts, no networking…just plain old hard work. So if you think only people with contacts or access to private networking events or “inner circle” access can make it, think again!


At the end of this module, You will have complete clarity on what type of product you should be selling and how to stack your launches for maximum revenue based on my own launches with products ranging from 7 dollars all the way to 10,000 dollar. You will know how to create a USP that not only makes you stand out in a crowded industry but also makes your launch stand out when everyone is launching

MODULE two: SOLD OUT launch assets
At the end of this module, You’ll have all your launch pages done, complete with copy that persuades without being icky. An optin page that converts at 50%+ and a sales page that makes people dream, drool & buy! You’ll have all your launch emails done and ready for you to copy & paste in your email system. All tested to work wonders in getting people engaged, excited and eager to buy from you. Because who wants a list of FREEBIE HUNTERS?

At the end of this module, You will know how to create an instant frenzy of likes, comments and shares for anything you share online by tapping on to their deepest darkest desires. Everything from Facebook ads to social media posts to punchy one-liners that pull people in. You will be able to drive unlimited highly targeted traffic to your launch. You will know all about pixels, custom audiences and all that tech gibberish that scares you so much and I will actually make it fun.

At the end of this module, You will be able to create your own product in under 48 hours using my product creation system that is like course creation on steroids. This is the exact process I use to create so much quality content in so little time. You will find out how to whip up beautiful worksheets, guides and printables for your program in 2 hours (this part alone is sold for hundreds of dollars)

At the end of this module, You will have all the pieces ready to be pulled together and finally press START on that launch. This is where the rubber meets the road and this is where YOU get to WIN! You will also get to learn from my launch mistakes & know how to create a launch SOS plan to fix a slipping launch.

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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]

Bushra Azhar – Sold Out Launch Contains: Video, PDF´s


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Dan Brock – Tube Tycoon


Dan Brock – Tube Tycoon
Market price: $697
Author: Dan Brock
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How I Grew a YouTube Channel to 128K Subs Lightning Fast…
And Earn Up to $100K a Month In Online Income
From My YouTube Channels.

Why YouTube is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing… (And Why 99% of Affiliates Will Be Left Behind in 2018)
Alright so…
See… I’ve been doing this whole affiliate marketing thing for years now… Read the rest of this entry »


Chris Lee – RankXL Niche Site Course 4.0


Chris Lee – RankXL Niche Site Course 4.0
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Author: Chris Lee
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Build Profitable Authority Sites
A free, 7 lesson course that has helped 11,752+ marketers learn how to build high-traffic, high-income blogs.


About The Teacher

I’m Chris Lee, the founder of RankXL. For the last decade, I’ve been building and growing blogs, and working in the SEO industry. I started out as a freelancer, then a full-time employee at an agency, and now work full-time from home on my own sites, which have grown into a profitable 6-figure business.

In this course, I share the exact strategies that I’m using to grow my sites into profitable content businesses using powerful SEO and white-hat link building strategies. It will take you through the most critical parts of growing a high traffic blog, and help shave months or years off your growth path.

In the past year, people who’ve taken my course have used my training to grow their niche sites into full-time businesses, quit their jobs, and even land 6-figure SEO contracts. Read the rest of this entry »


Winter Vee, Tim Tarango – List Launch Pro Training Program


Winter Vee, Tim Tarango – List Launch Pro Training Program
Market price: $8,997
Author: Winter Vee, Tim Tarango
Sale Page :_

Comprehensive Video Training Program

The “Online MBA” for Confidently Growing Your Lifestyle Business To Reach Your Financial Desires

Look Over My Shoulder “Click By Click” Video Training Series:
Watch as List Launch Pro Co-Creators Winter Vee and Tim Tarango guide you click-by-click through the List Launch Pro Platform and reveal the email secrets that have generated them over 1.3 million email subscribers throughout their online careers. This is like getting private business-building coaching from two of the world’s best online business consultants… from the comfort of your living room!

Start-From-Scratch Step-By-Step 7-Part Video Training Series to Getting Your First 5,000 Subscribers
You’re going to get the complete 7-part video training program so you can quickly generate your first 5,000 email subscribers starting from scratch! In this “no-fluff” training we show you exactly what you need to know to grow your business in a way that fits your schedule… even if you come home tired and exhausted from a J.O.B. or you’re using this system to generate extra income part-time. Whatever your situation, you’ll have the clarity and confidence in running a successful online email-driven “lifestyle business.”

The “Next Level” Video Training Series – Fully Customizing Your List Launch Pro Experience
List Launch Pro is the World’s #1 List-Launching Platform because it allows you to start generating leads and sales “right out of the box.” And in this exclusive 8-part video training series we’re going to show you how to get even more value from this complete list-building training program. You’re going to discover the secrets of how professional online marketers do fast and easy niche research… how to create a high-converting custom lead-capture page in under 30 minutes… and what you need to know to bank big commission checks from affiliate promotion campaigns.

Millionaire Mindset Video Series
In this video training series you’ll learn how to “program your mind” for success in creating your online lifestyle business. Using powerful mindset techniques acquired from over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience in online marketing, six-figure “high-ticket” selling, direct-response copywriting campaigns, affiliate marketing strategies, marketing automation, leadership development, and more. This is like getting an “Online MBA” that can be more valuable than gold as you adopt these business-building strategies.

Bonus 1
“Copywriting Secrets” Training
Deploying effective sales copy is like having an army of professional salespeople working for you 24/7… for free!
And in this bonus training you are going to discover the easy way to copy-and-paste your way to deploying highly-engaging and highly-profitable marketing campaigns.
“How To Write High-Converting Copy In Under 30 Minutes – Even If You’re Just Getting Started Or Hate To Write”
Copywriting doesn’t have to be difficult. And when you follow the short-cut secrets you are going to learn in this one hour video training course, you’ll discover how to pinpoint exactly what your target audience wants so you can create profit-pulling marketing campaigns quickly and easily.
$600,000 In Under 30 Days – Copywriting Case Study
Watch as professional copywriter and Master NLP Trainer, Tim Tarango breaks down a winning 2-page letter that pulled in over $600,000 in sales for one of his private clients in just a few short weeks.
You will get to see the exact letter and watch as Tim breaks down each and every persuasion element word-for-word. In just 45 minutes you will have powerful words, phrases, and copy principles to use in your business.

Bonus 2
“Traffic Secrets” Training
Want to discover how professional online marketers make getting hoards of hungry traffic to their lead-capture pages so easy?
In this bonus training, Winter and TIm break down the traffic generation secrets they’ve used to generate over 1.3 million email subscribers to their lists.
The Traffic On Demand
In this one-hour video training you’re going to discover our #1 favorite traffic generation strategy that will sends hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your lead-capture page… making even a brand new email list bulge at the seams.
Best of all… this method requires zero tedious (and often unprofitable) posts to social media, article writing, or other “low dollar” activity.
Traffic Multiplier Method
Want to make every email subscriber on your list exponentially more valuable?
You’ll discover how to do just that with this powerful Traffic Multiplier Method video training. This is the exact process List Launch Pro creator Winter Vee deployed to get to over $14,000 in per month sales in just 90 days of launching his online business.
Free Traffic That Can Scale Traffic Method
In this training you’re going to learn the best traffic strategies that are working right now to send free traffic to your lead-capture page and grow your list.
And best of all… once you have this process dialed in you can quickly turn up the volume and invest in paid advertising to generate as much traffic as you want — starting with as little as $5! In terms of low-cost consistent traffic, this is the best of both worlds!

Bonus 3
“Product Creation Secrets”
How To Create Your First Product In One Weekend Video Training
In this exciting bonus training, Tim and Winter are going to walk you step by step through the simple process for creating your first (or next) product in one weekend!

This method brings in quick cash, builds your authority, and helps your community…All WITHOUT you needing to write a sales letter or build a complex marketing funnel.
In fact… you can create a highly valuable product without even being an expert on that topic!
You’ll learn how to avoid the “emotional rollercoaster” that typically comes with creating a product… And discover the 4-step process that pumps out high-value products that your audience will LOVE.

Bonus 4
“Business Automation Secrets”
Have you ever wanted a business that can grow on its own without your day-to-day involvement?
…Enjoying freedom in your business means creating automation wherever you can. And in this training you are going to get the exact same set of steps and procedures in PDF format (Called “Standard Operating Procedures” or “SOPs” in business lingo) so that you can:
Create a handy “reference guide” for yourself or your team
Outsource daily tasks to an assistant
Prepare to eventually hand off day-to-day operations or making your business much more valuable in case you ever choose to sell

Bonus 5
Done For You “Rainmaker Email Campaigns”
Having a highly-engaged email list gives you influence and authority. And with these copy-and-paste “Rainmaker Email Campaigns” you can turn that into cold hard cash.
High-Ticket Services Rainmaker Email Campaign
This battle-tested series of emails amplifies the desire for your high-dollar service packages and is perfect for selling high-end products and services in the $1,000 – $15,000 range.
Digital Product Rainmaker Promotion Campaign
This campaign is designed to create a quick influx of cash into your business by stacking several different persuasion elements in a unique way that practically forces people to buy. Queue this sequence up as a one-time event or put it into your Autoresponder follow up sequence for consistent cash flow.

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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]

Winter Vee, Tim Tarango – List Launch Pro Training Program Contains: Video, PDF´s


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iStack Training – All-Star Acceleration Pack


iStack Training – All-Star Acceleration PackMarket
price: $999
Author: iStack Training
Sale Page :_


All-Star Acceleration Pack
For a limited time, you can access these five totally unique training modules taught by marketing industry legends. Each of these modules is designed to quickly accelerate your marketing career, helping you build marketing campaigns that quickly drive affiliate profits.

What are Acceleration Modules
Acceleration Modules were originally created as bonus content for students of iStack Training’s 6 Week AMC. Each module is taught by a recognized industry all-star and each contains 3-5 lessons totalling between 1-2 hours of training. The modules are designed to quickly show you how to apply its teachings directly to campaigns you’re running, or plan to run. Covering exciting pursuits like E-commerce, Copywriting, Affiliate Automation, Facebook Advertising and Native Advertising, these crash courses are hands on, step by step tutorials teaching you how to conquer each area of focus, generating affiliate profit along the way.

iStack Training’s direct partnership with STM Forum and Affiliate World Conference has given us unparalleled access to the world’s best and brightest marketing minds. Your All-Star Acceleration Module teachers are passionate about sharing knowledge and are elite experts in their fields of study. Each of these modules is an iStack Training exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

The Platform
Purchasing the All-Star Acceleration Pack gives you on-going access to our training platform where you can access your videos at any time.


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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]

iStack Training – All-Star Acceleration Pack Contains: Video, PDF´s


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Jason K Williamson – eCommerce Email Marketing Masterclass


Jason K Williamson – eCommerce Email Marketing Masterclass
Market price: $297
Author: Jason K Williamson
Sale Page :_

A Full How To Set Up Everything *LIVE*
I show you exactly how to set everything up inside of Klaviyo, the triggers, the segments, promotions & more…
How To Write The Emails *LIVE*
I even show you how I write emails! I walk you through how I write General Emails & Unique emails, tailored to general or specific products!
An extra 20% in revenue!
I’ll teach you how my agency generates an extra 20% using email marketing, if you do everything we say, you’ll find an extra 20% on your store almost Instantly.

So what Kinda Flows / Automations are we talking?
Abandon Cart – The first thing that we do instantly & it’s an absolute TOP priority for us is the Abandon Cart flow, it’s urgent as when people don’t do this correctly it’s losing them several % on their total revenue.

Unique Abandon Cart – Similar to above but tailored uniquely to a specific product, we teach you how to set these triggers up.
Browse Abandon – Extremely similar to Abandon cart and can generate almost the exact same returns too! This is an incredible flow & can start to really bring you some good revenue!
Unique Browse Abandon – Similar to above but tailored uniquely to a specific product, we teach you how to set these triggers up.
New Customer Thank You – This is basically a flow to show your newly acquired customers that you love them! It’s a chance to indoctrinate (fancy word for pulling them in and teaching them more about your brand) indoctrinate them into your brand & ethos, it’s a chance to make them fall in love with you & have them eager to purchase again & again!
Return Customer Thank You – This is a similar yet smaller flow to your New Customer Welcome however it’s just acknowledging that they have come back & how appreciative you are that they chose to purchase from you again!
Upsell – This flow is triggered when a person makes a certain purchase, we’ll send a product that makes sense to them to purchase with a few sneaky copywriting strategies involved!
Re-Engagement Campaign – An incredible campaign that is triggered at 90 days of in-active none open customers, once they hit that mark we send a series of super curiosity based emails aiming to get an open or unsubscribe, this is a great way to either re-engage or automatically clean your list.
Re-engagement Contest – When someone opens in the re-engagement campaign there’s an option to join the content, this is basically a way to convert those back into buyers, it’s a great way to create a gameification way to bring old inactive subscribers back into play.
VIP Flows – Find your BEST, DREAM customers, speak to them as if they were your family & convert them as if they were your raving fans, this flow is designed to target your dream customers & treat them as if they were special to you (which they are).
Birthday Flows – A flow that triggers when it is somebodies birthday! How many times have you been sent an email from your favorite online store on your birthday? My chances are probably NEVER. This is a great strategy to stand out from the crowd, build an incredible relationship & make some extra $$
Lead Generation Conversion Flows – Oh this is my favorite! Why? Because it’s one of my highest profit generating flows that I’ve created to date, it’s a flow that takes a “un-engaged” visitor & turns them into an eager to buy customer utilizing powerful copy designed by some of the worlds best! (ps, if you want to get my highly converting email templates completely free just click here)
Giveaway Flows – Learned from the amazing Tanner Larson, this strategy is an incredible way to bring in potential customers that are extremely interested in a specific product & using a clever campaign Tanner teaches you to turn those curious prospects into raving customers.
Win-Back Campaigns – A cheeky discount ladder flow designed to peak the interest of existing customers that haven’t visited or purchased in around 120 days… It’s a great way to automatically reach out to your fans & customers encouraging them to come back, make a purchase & fall back in love with you and your brand.

Click to”show“=>Download For Vip Member
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]

Jason K Williamson – eCommerce Email Marketing Masterclass Contains: Video, PDF´s


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Jon Buchan – Always Be Winning

Jon Buchan – Always Be Winning

Market price: $299
Author: Jon Buchan
Sale Page :_

Learn How To:
Build a social media presence that gives you credibility
Develop a compelling offering
Find your customers online and their contact information
Effectively pitch through cold email, direct mail and LinkedIn Read the rest of this entry »

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