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Sean Terry – Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0

Sean Terry – Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0  
Market price: $997
Author: Sean Terry
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So here’s what you’ll get when you claim your membership
to The Flip2Freedom Academy!

Module 1
Wholesaling Explained in Detail: Learn what wholesaling is all about and find out how you can make big bucks flipping houses and quit your job in 19 weeks or less.
The Big Picture: Get a visual map of how you can turn your wholesaling business into a revenue generating machine.
The Top 10 Reasons Why New Real Estate Investors Fail and How to Avoid Them.
How to Gain a Competitive Edge: So you can leave the competition in the dust and own your local market. Read the rest of this entry »


Ben Adkins – 10 Dollar Time Bomb + VIP

Ben Adkins – 10 Dollar Time Bomb + VIP  
Market price: $199.95
Author: Ben Adkins
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Inside you’ll Learn How to Take the Knowledge in Your Head
(or any expert that you know) and Turn it into A Digital Instruction Manual that Can Be Sold Online.

PART 1: How To Guarantee Success Before You Do Any Work.
How Normal People Create Digital Product Businesses That Work.
You’ll Learn the Secret Daily Habits and Mindset Tweaks that have helped Thousands of Normal People create Digital Product Based Businesses and Leave the Daily Grind of having a 9-5 Job.
Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #1 Read the rest of this entry »


Tim Castleman – Marketing Funnel Automation 2016 Notes


Tim Castleman – Marketing Funnel Automation 2016 Notes
Market price: $27
Author: Tim Castleman
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How To Create A Magic Money Machine That Turns $1 Into $4 (Or More)
Our Expert Notetakers Are There Getting Every Ounce Of
Money-Making Goodness…
How Average Marketers Can Create  Multi-Million Dollar Funnels
Presented By: Todd Brown,
Founder. Read the rest of this entry »


[Special Offer] Jon Mac – The Legacy Collection

  Jon Mac – The Legacy Collection
Market price: $997
Author: Jon Mac
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Announcing The Legacy Collection! (Total Value $25,000)
As a way to celebrate 7 consecutive years running online businesses …
I’m making you the most generous (and insane) offer we’ve ever had.
When you accept this offer, you’re getting 96% off my best programs – the very same collection of products that have been valued for a combined total of more than $25,000.
But when you accept this offer, your investment is just a small fraction of that.
Here’s what’s included … Read the rest of this entry »


Mark Manson – Overcome Anxiety Course

Mark Manson – Overcome Anxiety Course
Market price: $67
Author: Mark Manson
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Are You Being Held Captive By Your Anxiety And Insecurities? Learn The Techniques To Say ‘Screw The Fear’ And Then Do It Anyway
Stop Letting Your Fears Sabotage The Most Important Moments Of Your Life — Start Taking Control Now
I sat there, staring at the empty computer screen, cursor blinking. It had been three days. Not a single email had been written. Not a single web page had been posted.
It was 2008 and my new consulting business was in shambles. I needed a new client. Like, now. Rent was due in two weeks. I barely had enough money for food. Read the rest of this entry »


Peter Parks – Aggressive Affiliates

Peter Parks – Aggressive  Affiliates
Market price: $97
Author: Peter Parks
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The reason why I got interested in Aggressive Affiliates is because one marketer behind it – Peter Parks. He’s one of the so called underground marketers who does actual work instead of just selling rehashed stuff. I’ve been watching him on the forums and from the stuff he posted, I knew he knows what he’s talking about. Aggressive Affiliates with Eric Rockefeller is his first high end product that comes to the spotlight.
Aggressive Affiliates is basically a course about CPA and Google Content Network with some extras. That means it teaches you how to promote CPA offers, and how to get dirt cheap traffic from Google Content Network to your offers.Aggressive Affiliates Video Read the rest of this entry »


Fearless Boss Trey WSO Collection(2016)


Fearless Boss Trey  WSO Collection(2016)
Market price: $297
Author: N/a
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Lost To Boss V2.0 – How To Make $3,000 Per Month Passive Income With Free Traffic And List Building
Boss Email Secrets – How To Make $100 A Day With Email Marketing
Simple Tube Profits – How To Make $300 In A Day With 5-Minute YouTube Videos
Eazy Newbie Success System – The Easiest And Fastest Way To Start Your Online Business From Scratch
Info Cash Machine – How To Create Your Own Info-Product Fast And Start Making Sales Daily Read the rest of this entry »