Chalene Johnson – 30 Day Challenge

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In this amazing program Chalene teaches the tools and skills to change your life and create the future of your dreams.

Yesterday you made sure that your goals and your priorities were in harmony. Now, I want you to look at your goals. One or two of them is a goal that when you achieve, it it’s going to make all the others possible. Many times this is a financial goal, but not always. If you are not worried about making enough money to pay your mortgage you can spend more time with your family. Money isn’t the answer to all problems, but those of us who have experienced financial stress understand that it influences nearly every area of our lives. Sometimes it’s a health goal, or a spiritual goal. It’s different for all of us. Look at your goals and put a star by the two that will make the others easier to achieve. One or two goals likely set the others in motion. These are the two will focus on first! Place two stars by the single goal that makes all the others easier to achieve.

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