Ezra Firestone – Smart Marketer eCommerce All-Stars – San Diego 2016

Ezra Firestone – Smart Marketer eCommerce All-Stars – San Diego 2016

Name Product: Ezra Firestone – Smart Marketer eCommerce All-Stars – San Diego 2016
Market price: $497
Author: Ezra Firestone
Home sale: https://smartmarketer.com/allstars/

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How Do I Become an eCommerce All-Star?
There’s no trick. Just take your business and apply the best traffic campaigns, conversion funnels, and customer retention techniques.
And that’s what you’ll do at this event.

I’ve spoken at just about every eCommerce event in the industry, so I know what makes one great: It’s the right information at the right time. Easy enough, right?
Finding the right information is the hard part, because a lot of people think they have it right. But when you come to a Smart Marketer event, you know I’m giving you the absolute most-effective, most-current, most-tested information in the industry. I’m offering you the same strategies I used to build one of the biggest Shopify stores in the world, and insight into how to tailor them to work for you

But the right information isn’t enough: You have to be ready for it.
That’s why I want you to come with me to San Diego. Get away from your daily routine—your day job, your errands, your hoverboard—and take the weekend to focus on growing your business.
Spend two days with business owners like yourself, people who share your goals and your challenges. Make friends, connections, and partnerships.

Be inspired, and be inspiring.
Because if you commit to this event and use this time to grow your business, I promise you this: The results will be well worth it. Every major step forward in my businesses has come from an event like eCommerce All-Stars, and I want to give you that opportunity in San Diego.

Am I Right for eCommerce All-Stars?
If you have an eCommerce business—or want to start one—and you’re ready to achieve growth, then the simple and honest answer is… YES!
No matter where you are in your business, this event will be immensely valuable for you.
At eCommerce All-Stars, we plan to cover:
Customer Retention and Optimization
Behavioral Marketing Automation
The latest on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and more!

That’s everything you need: Acquiring leads, turning those leads into customers, and turning those customers into repeat customers.
It’s the entire framework for a successful online business, and it’s what I’ve used to create a multiple 8-figure company.
Don’t feel like you have the time to implement all of this? That’s because you don’t! But if you implement even one tactic from just one of these categories—whichever is most relevant to you right now—then you will see a massive return on your investment. And you can always implement more.

All-access live stream of eCommerce All-Stars, where you’ll get:
My 8-Figure eCommerce Formula
Presentations from industry leaders on conversion optimization, social commerce, and more
The latest on Amazon, Facebook & Instagram
7 day access to the full event recording

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