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Group Buys

Dear our members,
This new section is based on our users´s requests. There are so many great and expensive courses and we are not able to buy them all. So we need your help.
This is a big opportunity to have them all on our (yours) site available to download.
Please read carefully all the info – benefits, rules, how it works.

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.

Important Note:
There are many sites on the internet which offer great new products for a discounted price. I have some good experience with them, so I will buy from them. It is better to pay much less price instead of the full price. And we will be able to collect funds much more quickly, so the product will show up in a shorter time.

* Benefits:
Great products for a small fee
Max $20 per group buy
IMPORTANT : Access to download links of any group buy:
– Participants (group buyers) – Immediate
– Lifetime Members – 20 days (since the date of LGB started – it will be posted)
– All members – 40 days (since the date of LGB started – it will be posted)

* Rules:
+ First we upload the course, then start a Group Buy
+ Set the needed amount of Group Buyers (for example 15), after GB is funded, our system automatically close the GB. Then I will open LGB manually.
+ To make a payment: Login to our site, go to your profile page, click on ADD/Renew button and there you will see GB payment
+ Send us your thoughts, Group Buy requests etc.


Have you missed any Group Buy? Still wanna join, but it is already closed? Do not want to wait for the download link?

Here is a solution !
“Late Group Buys”
Price: Group Buy Final Price + 30%
Example: GB Final Price = $9 + 30% = $12 for LGB

If you have missed for example Affiliate Millionaires 2013 GB, the price for LGB will be –  $9.1.
You can join any LGB you want. Just go to your profile page, click on ADD/Renew Subscription, check the product you want and make a payment. After that you will see the download links in the post as usual.

*Please let me know if you have any problem! Contact to Support via | Email: [email protected]

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