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iPro Academy is a comprehensive internet marketing course designed to help you get highly targeted traffic to your website from all of the best internet sources at half of the cost others pay.
The course was created by one of the top internet media buyers in the business – Fred Lam.
iPro Academy is a comprehensive and complete course that you take at your own pace – which is awesome.

Module 1: What You Need To Learn About The Fundamentals
A: What Is Internet Marketing And How Does It Work?
– Understand how internet marketing differs from brick and mortar businesses
– Knowing what a sales funnel is, how it works, and how to use it
– Why its important to buy traffic in the beginning
B: Understanding Internet Marketing Language
– As internet and affiliate marketers we have our own lingo that you need to understand, not only to follow key concepts in the course, but to know how to speak the language
– What are landing pages, opt-in pages, lead generation, sales letters, etc.
C: Internet marketing mathematics
– You need to know the simple third-grade math used in internet marketing. Acronyms such as PPC, CPL, CPM which represent the analytics of your business. This will help you understand if you’re making or losing money and how to improve in each area
D: Which Advertising Channel Is Right For You?
– What channels are available and which one will be the best for your market or niche
– Why it’s smart to diversify both your advertising campaigns and platforms for your company’s stability
– Why Facebook is the easiest platform to use and why Google is the hardest

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