[Special Offer] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 2016

John Crestani - Super Affiliate System
Name Product: John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 2016
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Author: John Crestani
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The SuperAffiliateSystem (SAS) was tested in beta-mode by JVs ‘Rich Jerk’ Kelly Felix, Paul James, Peter Parks & Andrew Fox.
Over $500,000 in sales were generated in the beta launch.
The course teaches people advanced Facebook ad, Adwords, and Native advertising techniques.
over 50 hours of content, delivered daily over 12 weeks.
Exclusive mastermind group
Daily email followup
Dedicated support
Daily homeworks to provide accountability
Weekly quizzes to provide accountability
{Ready2Launch} campaign templates

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Landing pages, ads, and audience data lists given away in every major niche, to get affiliates started
$35,000/day, and $15,000/day paid traffic campaigns in the diet and skincare niches revealed
I give away all the secrets that made me over $1.6 million dollars as an affiliate marketer in 2015.
We have a very sophisticated, and well-programmed sales process to close leads, and use Infusionsoft for all tracking, and it works phenomenally.
We are looking for partners who have lists with buyers who have spent at least $400 on a single product purchase, preferably in the ‘make money online’ niche.
The best converting webinars I’ve held with JVs has been with the following topics
3 biggest mistakes affiliates make in facebook advertising
The 2 reasons why most affiliates dont make any money on native ads
4 tricks I used to go from $1000 to $1.6million in affiliate commissions
Also, if you are a launch-jacker, or have a very large and engaged membership community interested in ‘Make Money Online’ products, I am interested in speaking with you. I am willing to create value added content to add to your backend, shoot videos with you

Here is a basic outline of the 12week course. This outline does not include the supplemental material, homework assignments, required reading, ready2launch campaigns, or swipe files.

Week 1
The basics of affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketer blogs to follow
Why Promote Nutraceuticals?
The different types of affiliate marketers
The different types of paid advertising
The best affiliate networks to work with
Student case studies/interviews

Week 2
Course expectations
Introduction to the Super Affiliate System
How to setup domain/hosting/clicktracking/postback pixels
The affiliate marketing business model
Affiliate marketing verticals
Technical skills you need to learn
Masterminding and JVs
Affiliate networking and conferences

Week 3
How to fully utilize the StackThatMoney forum
Understanding user intent
Working with your affiliate manager
Different types of landing pages
Troubleshooting postback pixels
Required tools for affiliate marketing
Where to start as an affiliate
Roundtable: How to choose where to start
Super-affiliate guest talk

Week 4 – Landers
Affiliate research process
Competitor research tactics
Roundtable: Research tactics
Finding landers masterclass
Finding and ripping landers
Finding skincare advertorials
Finding international advertorials
Finding spanish diet landers
6 elements of a good sales page
Facebook page creation case study
Landing page setup case study

Week 5 – Facebook
Landing page setup case study
Staying compliant on facebook
Facebook advertising case study
Facebook ad creation case study
Facebook data analysis
Creating facebook ads case study

Week 6 – Adwords
Adwords course introduction
Adwords targeting part 1
Adwords targeting part 2
Adwords targeting part 3
Adwords ad copy
Adwords landers
Adwords optimization
Adwords remarketing

Week 7 – Optimization
Important areas of optimization for affiliate marketers
Mobile specific optimizations
Hidden optimizations to pay attention to
Dealing with click fraud and click loss
Ad optimization case study
Ad optimization case study
5 facebook ad optimization case studys
6 more ad optimization case studys

Week 8 – Mindset
Why people fail in affiliate marketing
Roundtable: Why people fail in affiliate marketing
Time management and productivity hacks
Roundtable: Productivity hacks
The success mentality
The entrepreneur mindset
Millionaire fastlane book notes
Affiliate sharktank: team exercise

Week 9 – Advanced Copywriting
Advanced landing page techniques
Sales page copywriting part 1
Sales page copywriting part 2
Copywriting techniques I use
Guest talk: How to write advertorials
Guest talk: How I make money with advertorials
Skincare research and finding angles
Super-affiliate guest talk – copywriting

Week 10 – Native Advertising
Increasing profit margins on your affiliate campaigns
How to scale a profitable affiliate campaign
Native advertising case studies
Native ad case setup case study
Walkthrough of 6 native ad networks
Media buying talk

Week 11– Scaling/Outsourcing/Hiring
How to outsource as an affiliate marketer
Roundtable: Outsourcing
Working with web designers
Working with web developers
How to hire media buyers
How to manage media buyers
Beyond affiliate marketing
Super-affiliate guest talk – product ownership

Week 12 – Super Affiliate Interviews

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