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Author: Paul Drakes
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Let Us Train You To Make $500-$1000 Per Day And Make Pay-Per-Call a Full Time Career

Learn how to harness the power of Pay-Per-Call marketing and understand how this traffic model can make yourself a career with online affiliate programs AND offline.

Apply the course material you learn from recorded lessons, over the shoulder training sessions and one-on-one training sessions with our $XX,XXX per month coaches.

Scale your Call-Generation business to new heights online, and offline.  The possibilities are endless!

Beginning Friendly
Even if you’re completely new call traffic, we’ll teach you working and successful methods to monetize call generation

Proven and Tested Business Strategies
After you’ve learned the basics behind Call Gen – You’ll be taken to the next level of creating a full-time income from Calls.  Whether you decide to run affiliate programs, or monetize calls via small businesses, the possibilities are literally endless. Read the rest of this entry »