Ben Settle – Elbenbos Apprentice

Name Product: Ben Settle – Elbenbos Apprentice
Market price: $679
Author: Ben Settle
Home sale: http://bensettle.com/blog/i-fired-my-copywriting-apprentice/

If You Have 57 Cents Per Day, I Will Shamelessly Bribe The Hell Out Of You! … With Hundreds Of Dollars Worth OF Free Products Just To Try MY New “VirtualL Apprenticenship”

Dear Friend,
Yes, this is a “sales letter.”
But, unlike most sales letters this one isn’t just about taking money from you. It’s about (shamelessly) bribing you with so many valuable products…
It’s Like Giving
Free Money To You!
Here’s the story:
Once upon a time, your pal elBenbo had an apprentice. At first, it worked out great. But, before long, it became clear I’m too crotchety, controlling, and dictator-like to apprentice anyone and her apprenticeship ended. Even so, in just that short time, she went from being a completely unknown newbie with zero industry contacts, and no copywriting, email, direct response marketing, or online selling experience…

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