Edmund Loh – Email Marketing How To

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Name Product: Edmund Loh – Email Marketing How To
Market price: $497
Author: Edmund Loh
Page Sale: http://plrxtreme.com/emailhowto/

A Must Have For All Online Marketers, Business Owners And Resellers…
Who Else Wants To Have Their Own High Quality Product They Can Private Label And Resell For 100% Profits… Starting Today!
No Video Creation. No Copywriting. Just Setup And Make Money Right Away!

How This Business-in-a-Box Can Help Grow Your Income To EPIC Proportions:
Decide how you want to brand, position or sell your product – your imagination is the limit
Earn the sale NOW instead of waiting for 30 days to clear your check!
Promote your own brand instead of swearing allegiance to other people’s programs
Be in full control over your sales funnel and buying process
You keep 100% of the sales you make instead of taking just a commission cut, and build your own buyers list

You can recruit your own affiliate army to promote YOU
High Demand. Evergreen. Instant Product You Can Rebrand And Resell Today.
Selling videos is one of the smartest decisions you can ever make when it comes to growing your digital business. For one, videos outsell e-books 3-to-1. And with videos, you have leverage to charge potentially higher prices.
You can consider outsourcing, but are you willing to be couple of thousands of dollars in the red before you see green?
Well I’ve got something amazing that will not only shortcut your product creation process… but also help you start making money even by TODAY!

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