Regina Anaejionu – Infopreneur Ninja (Visual Arsenal, Ninja Sales School)

Name Product: Regina Anaejionu – Infopreneur Ninja (Visual Arsenal, Ninja Sales School)
Market price: $600
Author: Regina Anaejionu
Home sale: http://scrappycourses.com/courses/ninja-sales-school-bundle

If you have knowledge, skills, and passion for a certain topic that really excites you . . . and you want to make money helping people, this is the class for you.
Chances are you’re already an infopeneur or are on your way to becoming an infopreneur–someone who can monetize their information. This class guides you through the process of establishing and growing a business based on helping others, teaching, creating courses, writing books, etc. It can be a seriously epic way to earn a full-time income or increase your quality of life.

Do you have friends who always ask you questions about a particular topic?
Do you find yourself always researching and obsessing over certain information?
Do you have a blog or social media account that you use to talk about something specific?
Do you want to monetize that in authentic, meaningful ways and create content that matters? Read the rest of this entry »