[Special Offer] Jay Abraham – China Connection

Jay Abraham – China Connection
Jay Abraham – China Connection
Market price: $1000
Author: Jay Abraham
Home sale:__https://www.abraham.com/china

THE most universal and success-probable techniques, strategies, tactics, and concepts that ANY entrepreneur – large or small companies, product or service providers – could immediately and profitably apply to dramatically increase the business they run and multiply sales, profits, and preemptive, competitive posture…

The resulting 13 modules were probably some of the clearest, most evolved, impactful, informative, and potent, action-based, new content I’ve ever done!
$8,000 of my newest perspectives on sale for 87% off $1,000 Read the rest of this entry »


[Special Offer] Jay Abraham – Lifetime Reference Library 2.0

Jay Abraham - Lifetime Reference Library 2.0

Jay Abraham – Lifetime Reference Library 2.0
Market price: $5800
Author: Jay Abraham
Home sale:_https://www.abraham.com/harddrives/

Jay Abraham’s The Hard Drive 2.0 Super-Package is an “Almost Complete” collection of my most Expensive, Expansive, Evolved Advisory work— it Includes BOTH Hard Drive I and the ALL-NEW Hard Drive II (A total of 450+ Gigabytes).
Hard Drive 1 provides extraordinary understanding, perspectives and granular, unusually detailed education, explanation and examination in my foundational concepts, methods, philosophies and actual success stories. It’s great for grounding and nitty-gritty, specifics. Read the rest of this entry »


JAY ABRAHAM – Creating Your Own Business Success(GB)

Name Product: JAY ABRAHAM – Creating Your Own Business Success (GB)
Market price: $2000
Home sale: http://abraham.com/breakthroughs/CYOBS

Creating Your Own Business Success

The ultimate, and arguably THE most definitive, comprehensive and actionable user’s guide on entrepreneurship for millennials / baby boomers / retirees available on business creation—that you may ever experience… and also, the only one Jay will ever do again!

Ok, let me make this rapid and to the point.
The following is a comprehensive overview of my “Creating Your Own Business Success” program —broken down into two parts and from two different perspectives…
The first is from our Director of Admissions who explains my vision of how this program will help you to finally become the master of your business destiny and what the potential outcome of participating in the program should be to you. It is long out of necessity, but I assure you it is worth reading.
The second is a review of each of the foundational components and elements I have combined into this program. And, you are welcome to skip straight to part two if you already know that this program is a great opportunity and just want to know what you’ll be getting over the next six months.

Jay Abraham is offering you the opportunity to spend a full half year of your life discovering, learning and mastering how to create a successful moneymaker business––starting from scratch—with no capital, and with little or no risk.
You’ll get to work personally with Jay in a collaborative group setting where you have the opportunity of achieving a remarkable entrepreneurial transformation.
After studying and, interacting with thousands of struggling, frustrated, stuck, aspiring entrepreneurs –– Jay has come to believe that teaching a student passively and theoretically isn’t the answer.
Actually, spending time experiencing and collaborating with him and a private group of like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs –– as you work through issues and opportunities –– is the answer.

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