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Mark Ling – AffiloJetPack 2.0

Name Product:  Mark Ling – AffiloJetPack 2.0
Market price: $997
Author: Mark Ling
Home sale:

Get the system for building
“money-making machines”
that earn you a huge income on
(And the best thing is — it’s all done for you!)
Making money online can sometimes seem
impossible, right?

Some people make it look
SO easy
I’m Mark Ling, and I’ve been making pretty great money online for more than 14 years now.
I started when I was in college — at first just as a way to quit my pizza delivery job. But when checks started rolling in, I quickly realized there’s huge money to be made here. These days I earn a seven-figure income promoting other people’s products and selling my own.
The funny thing is, most people you meet online make all their money teaching OTHER people how to make money (and never actually put their own strategies to use). But I took a completely different route.

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Mark Ling – AffiloBlueprint 3.0

Name Product: Mark Ling – AffiloBlueprint 3.0
Market price: $167
Size: 1.6 GB
Author: Mark Ling
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Introducing AffiloBlueprint
“The easiest step-by-step system for making money online as an affiliate.”

Learn how to make money online promoting other people’s products
Affiliate marketing is where you make money online by promoting other people’s products.
Some companies will pay an affiliate 70% commission (or more!) just for sending them a paying customer!
There are thousands of products and companies you can promote.
AffiloBlueprint shows you how to do it.

AffiloBlueprint gives you the knowledge, skills, and foolproof system to build money-making affiliate websites
(Even if you’re a complete beginner.)
Follow Mark Ling’s proven “blueprint” for earning a passive income as an affiliate, and learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing in the process. You’ll learn…
How to find profitable niches and products to promote
How to build a simple but powerful affiliate website using free tools
How to get visitors to your website who are ready to buy
How to take things to the next level and ramp up your earnings

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step video lessons
Go from beginner to advanced in 12 simple steps

Watch us build an affiliate site from scratch
We start at the very beginning and build a brand new affiliate website, showing you what it takes to get that website earning money.

Build your own website as you learn
Just follow what we do. With AffiloBlueprint you don’t have to sit through hours of training before you get started. You’ll actually start creating your website today.

Simple, easy-to-follow video lessons
Every single step is clearly explained and demonstrated on-screen. Just complete the “homework” at the end of each lesson, and be amazed how fast you see results.

No experience necessary
Designed so that anybody can follow along… even if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing. We give you all the tools and training you need.

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Mark Ling – Affilo Jet Pack (UPDATE 2.0)


Name Product:   Mark Ling – Affilo Jet Pack (UPDATE 2.0)
Market price: $999
Author: Mark Ling
Size: 5.6GB
Website Sale:

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…
How to create money-magnet assets that attract perfect prospects while positioning you as a celebrity-authority.
Create a functional list-getting “machine” that pulls in prospects for you on autopilot.
Build automated, behavioral dynamic marketing campaigns that automatically convert new subscribers into buyers while positioning you as an authority and building goodwill.
Advanced NLP language patterns for hypnotic persuasion.
Templates for sales videos and sales letters that convert!
How to create group sales presentations that educate, engage, inspire, and SELL like crazy!

Updates to module 2 and 4 – Couple of new videos and swipe files.
Bonus: Advanced Automation Class
There was 3 bonuses. Top Level Income aka Magic Model (we have it at TV – you can get it by LBI), Advanced Automation Class (in this torrent) and Recurring Revolution Class (I will upload it shortly).
Coaching Calls – All Q&A calls by Frank Kern himself from June and August classes. Minimum 2 calls for each module.
2-Day Live Event by Frank Kern!!!
Guest speakers:
Ryan Deiss
Andy Jenkins
Roland Fraiser
Jason Hornung
Traffic generation
strategies for success

With almost everything done for you, your success hinges only on your ability to get visitors to your website.
So I’ll help you with that too in these exclusive traffic strategy workshops.
There’s one important part missing from your money-making machine at the moment: Visitors! Without any visitors to your website, there won’t be anybody to take your bait.
Traffic generation comes in many forms. Most of the time, you hear only of search engine optimization (Google or Yahoo!) or paid search (AdWords). These are the two most common ways to get people to visit your site, but they are not the only ways.
When you’re just getting started, you’ll especially need to consider other marketing methods that require less cash up front.
But what are those methods?
This is the place where you’re often left on your own: figuring out how to get people to see your little spot on the web. That’s not going to happen here.
To make sure you have no chance of failing, I’ve created a full training regime from to help you generate traffic from as many sources as possible, as quickly as possible.
You will get your hands on the most effective, highest-performing and most proven traffic-driving techniques. These tips, methods and strategies will ensure your site is bombarded with visitors!
Then, all you have to do is “set it and forget it” and watch the success start rolling in!

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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]


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