Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016

Name Product:  Natalie Berthold – Reiki Mastership Certification 2016
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Author: Natalie Berthold
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Hey Natalie, Thanks for your loving support in learning Reiki! thanks!!!! for everything, such a blessing to have done this with you! It was a great experience! xo Jill
Have you always wanted a super easy, simple, yet powerful way to heal yourself and others?  Ever thought it would be cool to supercharge your food and water, your bed, your dog’s and baby’s food, cleanse a room, charge your jewelry, your vision boards, you skin products, your websites, you name it? Well, then Reiki is the perfect thing for you.  Gone are the days when Reiki was used only by the villager healer…EVERYONE can use Reiki on practically any way they come up with, for the good of well-being, because it is benevolent life force energy that passes through you!  The possibilities are endless!
Natalie takes a practical, common-sense approach to reiki.  Her teaching style in engaging, supportive and to the point.  To anyone who knows her, her healing abilities are amazing — and this alone is enough to inspire those who

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