Ezra Wyckoff – TEELIVE

Name Product: Ezra Wyckoff – TEELIVE  
Market price: $97
Author: Ezra Wyckoff
Home sale: http://teelive.co/

FINALLY: How Anyone In The World Can Create A Real, Sustainable Business Selling Awesome T-Shirts That Make People Feel Like They NEED To Buy…
Get An Inside Look At My Own System I Use To Sell Tons of T-Shirts Every. Single. Day.

A while ago I decided to master t-shirts.
I felt it was the easiest business model I had seen in years.
So I made it my mission to drop everything and put my all into
learning the art of selling t-shirts on Facebook.
I went through a ton of failures. The first 35 – 40 shirts I launched
sold 0 units. It was rough but I learned a lot.
This was during the early days of Teespring so I had no system to
follow. All I could do was wing it and learn along the way.
This meant a lot of money wasted – but, not necessarily. I learned a ton.

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